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    Tantra, Yoni Healing and Men's Sexuality For a Spiced UP Love Life,


    December 1-4, 2017

    Sedona, AZ

    Love is the most powerful healing energy in the Universe


    Sexual Energy is the most potent healing and creative energy humans possess...


    Are you ready to UNLEASH the most potent energy in the cosmos...




    If so...


    Wondering why your relationship isn't where you envision it?


    Why aren't you attracting the partner you feel you deserve?


    Are you REALLY happy... or do you just THINK you're happy?


    If you HAVE a partner, are you FULLY ENGAGING the potent power of LOVE & SEXUAL ENERGY to maximize connection, healing & higher conscious awareness?


    Quite simply...




    If you've suffered in your relationships... or your love partnership is just not where you want it to be... or if you simply want to improve yourself and your relationship you are invited to transform SELF & YOUR RELATIONSHIP at the...




    Relationships are one of the most complicated, yet rewarding and intricate aspects of life. Very few individuals can honestly say they are in a fruitful relationship in which they are spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally fulfilled. ALL relationships are one, distinguished only by the level of intimacy.


    In terms of relationships and even life itself, LOVE is the key ingredient!

    Create, heal, connect and enlighten with Tantra at:


    The Magick Of Love

    Sedona Retreat 2017


    Rev. Valerie Love


    Roberto A. Sanchez

  • The Retreat

    Powerful Love Magick Awaits You in Sedona...

    Why Sedona

    Sedona, Arizona, USA

    Sedona is home to the immensely powerFULL VORTEX ENERGY that, if you choose to submerse yourSelf in, contains the rare spiritual ingredients to transform your cellular, molecular, atomic, DNA, mental, emotional and physical being into an expanded evolutionary and transcendent experience of ASCENSION.


    What is Magick?

    Magick is the ability and power to change one's outer world in accordance with the will. As a metaphysician and alchemist, the deepest desire is to align the lower self's will with DIVINE WILL, which creates perfect outcomes that result in the highest and best for ALL.


    Everyone has Magick, the divine ability and power to align & use the will to change one's world of circumstance. However, not everyone is in touch with this inner realm of possibility, or has mastered this power for good.


    When you DO tap into and master the ANCIENT LOVE MAGICK within, you unleash a power that produces results that seem miraculous.


    To the Mage, these results are not surprising, but are simply a reflection of perfect harmony and alignment with LAW.


    The ecstatic soul, body and mind UNION

    Tantra is not simply about having sex. Tantra is a spiritual path, a practice, a yoga of the soul. It is a way to experience bliss... with or without a partner, by harnessing sexual energy for healing, transcendence and transmutation of negative karmic patterns.


    You and your partner can enter the space where your energy bodies join thus resulting in deeper and more lasing connection, longer periods of orgasmic pleasure, expanded awareness, increased confidence and overall harmony in mind, body and spirit within self, and with another.

    Your LOVE Birthright

    You were born from LOVE...

    The 'problems' associated with love relationships vary widely yet all have a COMMON ROOT: lack of self-love.


    Questions like: "why did he cheat on me?" or "why did she leave me?" or "why can't I find the ONE?" are all symptoms of a much bigger issue.


    We do a DEEP DIVE into these relationship issues and more, at The Magick of Love Sedona Retreat.

  • Retreat Agenda

    A taste of what we'll be diving into at The Magick of Love Sedona Retreat:

    Friday, December 1, 2017

    See who you're swimming with in this ocean of devotion!

    7 PM - 10 PM

    A reception for all retreat attendees to connect with your fellow attendees, in which we set intentions, share the love and embark on your perfect weekend.


    Connect. Explore. Grow. Experience.

    Saturday, December 2, 2017

    Morning Chanting, Field Trip & MORE!

    9 AM - 10 AM

    Daily Spiritual Practice: Prayer, Chanting & Sacred Scripture


    10 AM - 12 NOON

    Field trip to a spiritually charged 'hot-spot' vortex of energy SURE to release powerful dimensions of awareness, open portals previously shut and usher you into a WHOLE NEW YOU...


    12 NOON - 3 PM

    Lunch on your own to explore Sedona with self and/or friends.


    3 PM - 6 PM

    JAM SESSION - YES! Here's where it gets HOT... we deep dive into the ISSUES that create conflict in your relationships and anchor The Magick of Love. Our 'jam sessions' are a retreat fave, you never know what will be revealed...


    6 PM

    Dinner on your own and/or with friends. Explore Sedona at night!


    Release. Renew. Re-energize. Heal. Transform.

    Sunday, December 3, 2017

    Ready... Set... GO!

    9 AM - 10 AM

    Daily Spiritual Practice: Prayer, Chanting & Sacred Scripture


    10 AM - 1 PM

    What is The Magick of Love - LOVE creates universes & multiverses. Discover what LOVE truly is, how it creates and how to ACTIVATE it's Magick in your world for manifestation of Love Relationships that knock your socks off!!!


    1 PM - 4 PM

    Lunch, shopping and exploration with Self and/or friends.


    4 PM - 7 PM

    JAM SESSION - YES! Here's where it gets HOT... we deep dive into the ISSUES that create conflict in your relationships and anchor The Magick of Love. Our 'jam sessions' are a retreat fave, you never know what will be revealed...


    7 PM - 9 PM

    Dinner on your own and/or with friends. Explore Sedona at night!


    9 PM - 11 PM


    The Full Moon brings us its special energy so we bring to a completion all that you no longer desire to experience in your relationships with our magickal

    Full Moon Ritual for Relationship Bliss.


    Inspire. Awaken. Enlighten. Transcend.

    Monday, December 4, 2017


    10 AM - 1 PM

    We're off on a Field Trip Again... this time, to the LEGENDARY BELL ROCK VORTEX!!! Bell Rock has been our healing partner on several occasions, clearing old limiting beliefs, holding us in the vibration of well-being on all levels, teaching us to let go, keeping us aligned, and MORE. What can we say about the Bell Rock Vortex of Energy... it must be EXPERIENCED.


    1 PM - 3 PM

    Completion & next steps over lunch... Now that you've awakened The Magick of Love, what next? Where we go from here...


    Lift. Expand. Grow. LOVE.

  • Investment in You

    Couples Registration: $1,597 per couple


    Singles Registration: $997 per person

  • Register

    Experience a healing & enlightenment retreat of a lifetime...

  • For Your Information

    Important details for your retreat experience:


    Tuition for the retreat covers all retreat classes, retreat activities, materials, training & coaching at the retreat.


    You are responsible for travel, accommodations and meals.


    The retreat location is Bell Rock Inn - Sedona, AZ. To book your room VISIT HERE. Accommodations at the Bell Rock Inn by Diamond Resorts have proven to be an excellent space to stay during your retreat experience. Choices include Studio, Studio Kitchenette, 1-Bedroom & 2-Bedroom apartments and/or townhomes.

    Flights & Travel

    If are are traveling by air, please note the closest airport to Sedona is Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. There is an hour and a half drive from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport to Sedona (depending upon time of day and traffic). Shutttles are available to book in advance by doing a simple search online. Book your travel arrangements to arrive into Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport by 2 PM local time on Thursday, May 11, 2017. This will allow time for collecting luggage, boarding a shuttle, riding to Sedona, check-in to your hotel, and refresh in time for the Welcome Reception at 7 PM local time.


    Book your flight to leave Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport AFTER 5 PM local time on Sunday, May 14, 2017 to allow travel time to the airport after the retreat concludes.


    If you are traveling by rail, the Amtrak station closest to Sedona is Flagstaff, AZ (Rev. Val rode the Amtrak from Flagstaff to Los Angeles on one of her sojourns to Sedona and the ride was glorious). The ride from Flagstaff, Arizona to Sedona Arizona is approximately 45-50 minutes. Shuttle service is available for booking in advance with a simple online search.


    If you require a roommate, you can connect with other retreat attendees in our Facebook Group here or on our informational conference calls before the retreat. The schedule of conference calls will be sent to you after registration. Conference calls are held prior to our retreats to answer questions, appropriately prepare, and to provide an opportunity to meet fellow attendees.

    Cancellation Policy

    If you are unable to attend the retreat after registering, the cancellation policy is as follows:

    • Cancellation must be made in writing by email to valerielove@liveyourdestinytoday.com
    • Cancellation 90+ days before the retreat start date: refund of retreat tuition minus a $50 admin fee or apply funds to another retreat/event offered in 2017/2018 (your choice, subject to approval by The Magick of Love)
    • Cancellation between 31 days and 89 days before the retreat start date: 50% refund of retreat tuition minus a $50 admin fee or apply funds to another retreat/event offered in 2017/2018 (your choice, subject to approval by The Magick of Love)
    • Cancellation within 30 days of the retreat start date: no refund available.
    • No shows: no refund.

    Set your intention and commit. We appreciate your commitment and look deliciously forward to serving you in excellence.

    What to Bring

    Sedona is warm and dry. It is the desert. You are encouraged to keep up with weather forecasts in advance of travel for clothing requirements. Recommendations on what to pack for your amazing journey of discovery:

    • Walking shoes/attire - Sedona is a beautiful walking town and can be walked from one end to the other if you're a big walker and in good/fit shape. (Rev. Val has walked all over Sedona and enjoyed it immensely (-;) Some of our field trips include WALKING.
    • Journal(s) - Sedona is full of POWERFUL VORTEX ENERGY. You may experience emotions, moods, shifts and attitudes coming up that you may not expect, or that may take you by surprise. One of the best ways to process yourself through these powerful shifts is to journal your experience.
    • White clothing - if you desire, dressing in white for the retreat opens you to a greater healing experience. Rev. Val and The Magick of Love Sedona Retreat team will be attired in whites for the entire retreat.
    • Prayer beads/items to bless - if you have prayer beads, a crucifix, wands, crystals or other magickal tools and implements for your spiritual work, you are encouraged to bring them to Sedona to soak in the vortex energy. 
    • Your amazing open & receptive Self - you! Ready, open, receptive, willing. This is most important!

    How to Prepare

    To prepare for this retreat and to experience maximum benefit and receptivity on all levels of consciousness, it's recommended to:

    • Set your intention - what do you intend to experience, learn, heal, transform at the retreat and in your world?
    • Fast - for 7 days before the retreat a fast may be beneficial. The Daniel Fast is ideal. Turn within and fast only according to the Inner Wisdom and the best for your body and health and wellness.
    • Pray - as metaphysicians and alchemists, prayer is an essential energy in all we undertake and engage.

    You are invited to join us...

    If you got this far on the page, this retreat is for you. There are no accidents. You are here for a reason. Take action and register today. You'll receive confirmation immediately and will be sent a retreat packet by email with pertinent details of our upcoming informational conference calls. We are BLESSED & immensely GRATEFUL to have had the delectable and divine pleasure of serving hundreds of attendees at our retreats over the past several years. We're saving a hug for you!




    Rev. Val, Roberto A. Sanchez & Retreat Team


    For questions that are not answered here call our office on:

    (801) 871-LOVE